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Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Behind the camera at Wine Country Film Festival 09/09/15, via Santa Rosa Press Democrat

At the end of their new musical video, a wild, 36-minute re-interpretation of Igor Stravinsky's “The Rite of Spring,” they do ignite the instrument, pounding the keys even as they melt and the Gothic instrument goes up in flames. Secretly, both were

Check Out The Hottest Celeb Pics This Week 09/09/15, via OK Magazine

In August, Heineken released the first installation of this year's #Heineken100 program at a VIP event at the KITH NYC flagship store in SoHo. The seeding program partners the beer brand with fashionable retailers from five different cities to create

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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Published by Destiny Image Publishers 1993

ISBN 1560431229,9781560431220
182 pages

Many believers read the scriptural accounts of dreams and never think it could happen to them. Today, though, many are realizing that God has never ceased using dreams and visions to guide, instruct, and warn. This book will give you a biblical understanding of dreams that you never had before!

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Interview with Plaguewielder

After having proudly presented what I deem to be my homecountry’s strongest metal act as of lately, here I return once more to bug you with yet another article urging you to check out this band. Armed with a freshly released full-length album Plaguewielder from Luxemburg are slowly but surely climbing the steps to becoming a landmark act in the country's’ tiny yet flourishing heavy music scene. I got a hold of Nicholas and Maxime from the band for an interview. I was working a student job in the summer of 2012, when I received a text message from Maxime - he asked if I was down to start a funeral doom metal band with long and dark songs. I was all about it. From there we asked Christophe, Camille and Chris (Boever) to join us. They agreed, we came together for a first rehearsal, and unfortunately Camille, as well as Chris, left due to musical differences. since 2011. Because I began listening to Post Metal, Sludge and Doom a lot during that time, I developed the idea of founding a Doom Metal Band with atmospheric elements. So, like Nicholas said, in the summer of 2012, while waiting at a train station, I asked him and Christophe — whom we had also known for a while — via text message if they wanted to join, and they agreed quickly. We went through a few line-up changes until Nicholas asked Luis if he wanted to play the drums — that’s when the band got its final form. To be honest, the title of the album was a mistranslation on my part - for the cover of our EP we chose a work by Francisco de Goya called 'Camas de la muerte', which I thought translated to 'Chambers of Death', where in reality it means 'Beds of... But after thinking about it, 'Chambers of Death' seemed fitting, as each song represents a different attitude towards death and helplessness. all share death as a common theme. Nicholas and I had written the lyrics separately, but we quickly noticed that they all dealt with death in some way. Sometimes, like in The Funeral March, the theme is to be taken quite literally, as that song is about the sheer absurdity of human existence in the face of its inevitable fate. Interestingly enough, that particular „horror“-sound emerged rather naturally and unconciously while we were writing the songs. On the other hand, I definitely drew inspiration from 70’s-Prog Rock (and contemporary bands that are imitating that sound) for the synthesizers, especially while playing the organ on Casket Of Dying Flesh. We all have been listening to post-rock and post-metal — like Mono, Sleep Party People, Neurosis, ISIS and so on — a lot, and because we wanted to expand our sound as much as possible while still guarding the musical root of Doom Metal, it came... Like Nicholas said: The characteristic loud-silent and textural dynamics of post-rock and post-metal add a lot of variety to more „classic“, riff-orientated song structures, yet remain very hypnotic — which is exactly the effect we want to achieve... The music video is in fact my interpretation of Nicholas’ lyrics (which you can also discover in the video — they are placed quite strikingly, so you don’t have to look too close for them). Like I previously said, the songs on our album share the common theme of death, and Father Suicide is about the (religious or spiritual) idolization of it. That’s what I wanted to convey in the music video, which is split into three parts:... In the first part, you can see the protagonist, F. , cherishing afterlife by collecting items which idolize death. The second part then is the grim reality of death and the accompanying process of decay, while the third part is based on a dream of mine, in which I died and interestingly enough didn’t woke up. I think it's more blooming than ever before – many... It really helps when you're organizing shows, people like to come out and have fun.

Source: Two Guys Metal Reviews
Interpreting Dreams & Visions for Your Soul by Katie Souza
Interpreting Dreams & Visions for Your Soul by Katie Souza


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All About Dreams
All About Dreams


History, insight, technique, instruction, internationally renowned dream expert Gayle Delaney offers everything you need to know about dreams in the very first contemporary dream handbook to offer an all-in-one resource. All About Dreams is a must-have for every curious dreamer who has ever wondered at the real meaning of dreams, why we have them, how to interpret them, why they are important, and how to actively use them in waking life. Dipping into the ancient well of dream history, Delaney whisks us along on a brief and fascinating tour of the roots of our thinking about dreams'from Aristotle's empirical thinking to Freud's sex-centric worldview; from Egyptian and Greek perspectives to Jewish beliefs drawn from the Old Testament; from Hindu and Chinese traditions to modern Western ideas'and merges these historical, philosophical, religious, and psychological threads with today's newest thinking about dream interpretation and the latest techniques being used around the world. A masterful survey of the fact and fiction surrounding dreams, as well as a hands-on guide to working directly with your own powerful dream images, All About Dreams combines the insight and expertise of one of the world's foremost authorities on dreams and dreamwork to show you how to: interpret, understand, and direct your dreaming to solve specific problems; master amazingly effective tools for self-interpretation, including Delaney's own revolutionary self-interviewing technique; organize your own dream study group; use the insights and ideas you get from your dreams to make a real difference in your life. Complete with a resource list of the best dream books, tapes, videos, study groups, and Web sites, this lively and thorough volume is the ultimate guide to the mysterious and alluring realm of nocturnal fantasies, nightmares, and visions.


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with a strong emphasis on dream interpretation. I like the title that Matthew Neujahr uses for his book on “Mantic Historiography” in the Near East, namely Predicting the Past. One common form of apocalyptic literature was to use ancient seers to ...

Oxford online dictionary adds 1000 new words - 08/31/15, via The Border Mail

the Oxford dictionary took a big step forward towards the 21 century. What do you think, are there any words that just don’t deserve to be in this latest addition, which ones do you love or what word would you like to see in there? manic pixie dream girl ...

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Unwilling to wait for Hollywood to make them stars, TODRICK and his faithful crew write, choreograph, style and direct full-scale productions weekly to try to make their dreams come true ... I choreograph and direct the video, my friends help me with ...


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qufu confucious dream interpretation video
qufu confucious dream interpretation video
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