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History, insight, technique, instruction, internationally renowned dream expert Gayle Delaney offers everything you need to know about dreams in the very first contemporary dream handbook to offer an all-in-one resource. All About Dreams is a must-have for every curious dreamer who has ever wondered at the real meaning of dreams, why we have them, how to interpret them, why they are important, and how to actively use them in waking life. Dipping into the ancient well of dream history, Delaney whisks us along on a brief and fascinating tour of the roots of our thinking about dreams'from Aristotle's empirical thinking to Freud's sex-centric worldview; from Egyptian and Greek perspectives to Jewish beliefs drawn from the Old Testament; from Hindu and Chinese traditions to modern Western ideas'and merges these historical, philosophical, religious, and psychological threads with today's newest thinking about dream interpretation and the latest techniques being used around the world. A masterful survey of the fact and fiction surrounding dreams, as well as a hands-on guide to working directly with your own powerful dream images, All About Dreams combines the insight and expertise of one of the world's foremost authorities on dreams and dreamwork to show you how to: interpret, understand, and direct your dreaming to solve specific problems; master amazingly effective tools for self-interpretation, including Delaney's own revolutionary self-interviewing technique; organize your own dream study group; use the insights and ideas you get from your dreams to make a real difference in your life. Complete with a resource list of the best dream books, tapes, videos, study groups, and Web sites, this lively and thorough volume is the ultimate guide to the mysterious and alluring realm of nocturnal fantasies, nightmares, and visions.