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Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads, 3 ct-2 pk

by Weiman
Price: $9.03 Buy Now

  • Pack of 2 ~ 3 ct - 5" x 3 1/8" Pads (6 scrubbing pads total)
  • Recommended for: Cook top ranges, stove tops, sinks, tubs, showers & dishes.
  • These non-abrasive pads remove burned on foods and will not scratch.

Product description

Weiman Cook Top Scrubbing Pads were created to be used on your glass, smooth top range. Glass tops can be easily scratched with traditional abrasive cleaners, but our scrubbing pads will not scratch. Use Weiman Cook TopScrubbing Pads with our Cook Top Cream to easily and safely remove burned on foods and keep your range looking like new.

Bosch NGM8055UC 800 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

by Bosch
List price: $799.95 Buy Now

  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • Centralized Controls
  • 18,000 BTU Burner

Product description

The 30 five-burner gas cooktop is an award wining product that offers the ability to cook more dishes at once Provides five burning elements and power flames for your cooking needs The heavy duty metal knobs give it a high end professional feel and t...

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Keep off moving plumbing and electrical items if possible -- at least try to keep your stove (especially gas stoves) and sink in the same location. Moving a gas stove will be lacking relocating gas lines and moving Asking a contractor to supply big

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Status seam copper, pre-patinated cladding on the top floor reproduce the gentle green color of similar “attic” stories that line this stretch of the avenue. Sustainable model Appliances include Whirlpool refrigerators, cooktops, microwaves and

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Fasten Mike Moretti from TopLine Appliance Center as he discusses the many features and benefits of the Thermador Gas Cooktop Series. TopLine has locations in.

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24 wide gas cooktop in chrome, with four burners and battery start ignition;
24 wide gas cooktop in chrome, with four burners and battery start ignition;

Home & Outdoor

This cooktop features four burners with a total of 36000 BTUs of heating power The battery ignition takes out all the guesswork and makes lighting easy and safe A recessed top helps to contain spills Proudly made in the United States


24 wide gas cooktop in white, with four burners and gas spark ignition;
24 wide gas cooktop in white, with four burners and gas spark ignition;

Home & Outdoor

The Summit WNL03 24 Built-In Gas Cooktop features four 9000 BTU open burners run on natural gas It includes durable porcelain enameled steel grates A recessed top helps to contain spills Its attractive porcelain cooking surface adds a modern look to.


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As function of its report, ClimateWorks lists ten of the top clean technologies it believes ... such as electric induction cooktops – which deliver the same energy output as gas burners, with about half of the vivacity input – and high efficiency electric ...

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Chef Ryan Scott, vanquish known as a charismatic contestant on "Top Chef ... a new high-performance electric wall oven; gas rangetops and cooktops; gas wall ovens; professional-vogue kitchen hoods; and salamander grills. The equipment can be customized ...

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The all gas cooktop - at in 30" and 36" width sizes - combines ... The new model is easy-to-clean - the one piece top can be effortlessly removed to clean up any messes that may decline below the cooktop surface. "With its new look, distinctive brushed ...


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Gas Cook Top
Gas Cook Top
Prolongation free is the key when remodeling your kitchen and this is a great example. The backsplash is a porcelain tile that is easy to clean and the countertop is granite. Large drawers below the gas cooktop perceive storage of pots and pans convenient. The custom hood and cooktop are centered between the refrigerator and wall oven, microwave, warming drawer section.
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Caboose dry fit
Caboose dry fit
Pantry dry fit. The cooktop is so shallow that it may not even be worth putting a drawer blank in front of it - better to just have full-height doors. The same may even be true of the sink but I'll have to test it out. The top and butt bars of the blind in the center here need to be trimmed on the miter saw and filed and replaced. The individual slats have been cut to size. It's not hanging quite straight here because the too-fancy bottom bar is in the wrong place on the magnets. Above the middle window here lies a problem: specifically that the original cooker vent was there, but the cooker is now about 12" to the formerly larboard. So I probably have to cut a new vent hole there. I intend to use the original cooker vent but I will probably repaint it first, as it's the same yucky yucky green as the formica and bathtub hand-me-down. The cooktop is small but the big burner I think puts out more heat than any of the four burners on the original stove. Good for a kettle, or using a frying...
Photo by Jacob Davies on Flickr
Vortex glass top electric cooktop - $125; gas or electric cooktops - $30-175
Vortex glass top electric cooktop - $125; gas or electric cooktops - $30-175
Photo by Our United Villages on Flickr
Wolf Gas Cooktops Gas cooktops
Wolf Gas Cooktops Gas cooktops
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Each ilk of cooktop has features that appeal of different buyers ...
Each ilk of cooktop has features that appeal of different buyers ...
LG HB9522A Gas Cooktop
LG HB9522A Gas Cooktop
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