Induction Cooktop Definition

Piazza PA 090428 Stainless Steel Five Star Stockpot, 11.1-Liter

by Tomson Inc
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  • Dimensions: 28 x 18cm/11.02 x 7.09-in
  • Made of Stainless Steel; Suitable for gas, ceramic, electric and induction cooktops
  • Imported by Tomson CASA

Product description

"5 Stars" Pots and Pans, made in Italy. The saucepan and pot collections are the fruit of advanced, constant research that puts Piazza in the avant-garde of the sector. The handles, with a wide, solid grip, are patented and in fact some aspects such as the curvature which facilitates their handy grip and the cavity which avoids burning the hands, resulted in the creation of a determining element for the definition of product quality. The heat diffuser can be used on all sources of heat, from traditional to induction.

THNAYA 1800W Electric Countertop Burners Black New

Price: $99.99 Buy Now

  • Compatible with induction ready cookware ( cast aluminum enameled iron and steel | stainless steel with a magnetic bottom | or cast iron )
  • Safety features include being equipped with pan detection system and diagnostic error message system
  • 120V / 60Hz AC / ETL & FCC approved

Product description

It does not involve generating heat which is then transferred to the cooking vessel. It makes the cooking vessel itself the original generator of the cooking heat through an electromagnetic field. This makes it completely different from any other cooking technology.
-15 Power Levels: 200W - 300W - 400W - 500W - 600W - 700W - 800W - 900W - 1000W - 1100W - 1200W - 1300W - 1500W - 1600W - 1800W
-15 Temperature settings ( Farenheit ): 120 Degrees - 150 Degrees - 180 Degrees - 200 Degrees - 220 Degrees - 240 Degrees - 260 Degrees - 280 Degrees - 300 Degrees - 320 Degrees - 340 Degrees - 370 Degrees - 400 Degrees - 430 Degrees - 465 Degrees )
-Pan detection system: For your safety, it will not operate without a pan / pot on top of it. Place a pan or pot on and you're ready to go.
-Timer Mode: Can be set in 1 min increments, all the way up to 2 hours and 59 minutes.
-Cord Length: 5 Feet
-Uses 120 volts / 15 amps of electricity
-ETL & FCC Approved
Note: You need to have the right kind of cookware to use this product. While induction itself is a noiseless process, there may be a high pitch sound from clad cookware since the base has multiple layers of metals tightly sandwiched together.

Self-regulating Temperature controlled Induction Cooktop

I have designed an Induction Cooktop in which purchaser can pre-define two temperature levels. High Temperature level and Low temperature level.


The Vocation of Food

The Vocation of Food

Published by ABC-CLIO 2015

ISBN 031333725X,9780313337253
439 pages

This is the to begin encyclopedia to help the general reader understand the myriad components of what sustains us: the food and drink industries.

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